QDRO Services

QDRO Assistance For:

For Divorce Attorneys

Are you able to recognize the nuances of opposing counsel’s proposed order?

Are you able to discern whether the proposed document awards the Alternate Payee more than he/she is entitled?

Are you willing to engage in ongoing and repeated revisions following feedback from the plan administrator?

  • QDRO Preparation. With extensive expertise in ERISA and retirement plans, preparation of an effective QDRO requires unique skills and experience. I offer a complete QDRO outsourcing service that includes QDRO drafting, plan administrator pre-approval, notice to interested parties, and consultation to ensure the QDRO suits your client’s needs. Each QDRO is carefully drafted to be accepted by both the retirement plan administrator and the court and, where possible, is pre-approved by the relevant plan administrator.
  • QDRO Review. Have you already received a draft QDRO from opposing counsel but you’re not sure what to look for? Are you confident that you would recognize the nuances of opposing counsel’s proposed order? Are you confident the QDRO is in good order and won’t require additional revisions down the road? If this resonates with you, we can review the draft QDRO with your client’s interests in mind and present you with candid feedback, proposed language, and recommended action.
  • Asset Survey. Is your client unsure what retirement plan assets their spouse has available? Often preparing QDROs reveals a lack of understanding of the types of benefits available or unidentified (whether intentional or not) retirement plan assets. If this sounds familiar, let The Benefits Lawyer conduct a survey of retirement plan assets for one or both parties and consult with you and your client on the best approach to dividing those assets.

For Individuals

  • Are you not represented by an attorney?
  • Do you already have a divorce decree or property division awarding you a portion of retirement plan assets?
  • If this describes you, The Benefits Lawyer can prepare your QDRO for you to submit to the court for entry.

For Retirement Plan Sponsors

  • Do you have QDRO procedures in place that you communicate to all parties? Did you know that is required by law?
  • Are you tired of managing QDRO inquiries and reviewing orders?
  • The Benefits Lawyer will not only help you implement adequate QDRO policies, procedures and forms but we can also handle general QDRO administration and implementation.


QDRO Preparation: $900

  • One order per plan per alternate payee.

Asset Survey: $700

  • Both parties may be included for no additional charge.

QDRO Review: $500

  • Review draft QDRO and provide proposed revisions and next steps.

QDRO Policies and Procedures (for retirement plan sponsors): $2000

QDRO Administration and Implementation (for retirement plan sponsors): $500/hour

If you are interested in utilizing our QDRO services or scheduling a consultation to discuss these options, please provide us with information regarding the nature of your inquiry below.